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A Guide to Every <= £4.4m Goalkeeper & Defender

Enablers; whether it's a 5th midfielder (we miss you, Tom Carroll), 3rd striker, 2nd keeper or 3-man rotation for the 3rd spot in your defence, you probably have a couple of these dirt-cheap options in your squad. With that in mind, I've decided to look through every potential bargain in the game, starting with keepers and defenders (I plan to look at cheap midfielders/attackers when I get time), assessing who to bring in, who to keep an eye on (perhaps those who could become an option if a starter gets injured), and who to stay as far away from as possible. The £4.4m upper-limit for a "bargain basement" option is arbitrary, I know, but feels about right. This is going to be a looooong post, so I've put the key info in bold. And please correct me if you're a fan of any team and I've got something horribly wrong! Anyway...
Speroni (CPA, £4.0m) - 3rd choice behind Hennessey and Guaita and very unlikely to play, however, he's close to falling to £3.9m on fplstatistics, so if you're on your WC (or will be in the coming weeks) he could help (if he drops) to maximise your budget elsewhere if you don't require a playing 2nd keeper.
Smithies (CAR), Ruddy (WOL), Adrian (WHU), Darlow (NEW), Gomes (WAT), Ward (LEI) - £4.4m; Stekelenburg (EVE), Boruc (BOU), Button (BRI) - £4.0m; all of these are clear back-ups and not going to play unless the first choice keeper is injured/suspended - but Button looks like a good pick for 2nd GK if you choose Mat Ryan (£4.5m, on the verge of dropping to £4.4m, but doing a "Lovren" and never actually dropping) as your 1st GK - Brighton have a really good run of fixtures approaching too. It's also worth noting that Ryan is likely to go to the Asian Cup in January, which would leave Button as a starter for a couple of gameweeks in January...
Forster (SOU), Elliott (NEW), Dahlberg (WAT), Lindegaard (BUR), Jakupovic (LEI) - £4.4m; Murphy (CAR), Schofield (HUD), Norris (WOL), Steele (BRI), Whiteman (TOT) - £4.0m; all 3rd/4th choice, and probably as irrelevant as an FPL option can be - unless you get a situtation like Spurs have had where their 1st and 2nd choice keepers get injured and all of a sudden Gazzaniga at £4.5m is a starter...
Hamer (HUD, £4.0m) & Lossl (HUD, £4.4m) - this duo are the cheapest guaranteed starter combination in the game - Lossl is favoured at present, making him the cheapest starting keeper, and I'd expect him to keep his place, but Hamer is probably the most likely £4.0m to start games (which says a lot about the lack of viable ultra-bargain goalies this year - the days of Pickford and Jakupovic at a combined £8.0m are, sadly, long gone). Unfortunately for Lossl and Hamer, they both play for Huddersfield - a team who get comprehensively beaten most weeks (sorry, Hudds fan), yet their keepers don't actually make that many saves. Their fixtures from GW10-22 are largely quite good, but still, I wouldn't want a Huddersfield GK unless they suddenly look a completely different team, which seems unlikely...
Guaita (CPA, £4.3m) - unlikely to start in the near future, as Hennessey (£4.6m) is playing well at present; however, the expectation in the summer was that he was signed to be Palace's new 1st choice, so keep an eye out as he may steal a starting place at some point in the season, and would likely become the cheapest starting GK in the league
Gunn (SOU, £4.4m) - 2nd choice to McCarthy (£4.5m), who's playing well, and likely to stay that way for a while, but Southampton spent a fair chunk of money on him and he may see playing time near the end of the season, or if McCarthy suffers a big dip in form. Southampton don't look like a great defensive team, so I wouldn't rush to get him i regardless
Rico (FUL), Bettinelli (FUL), Fabri (FUL) - £4.4m; - Fabri started the first couple of games, Bettinelli has started since then, and Sergio Rico has gone from starting at Sevilla a year ago to Fulham's 3rd choice, or it seems that way anyway... Honestly, I don't have a clue what Fulham were thinking going into the season with 3 first-team-level keepers - and even if one could be nailed down as clear first choice for the season, Fulham have shown nothing to suggest that one of their goalkeepers is a desirable asset. So - avoid.
Peltier (CAR), Connolly (CAR), Richards (CAR), Suttner (BRI), Schelotto (BRI), Simpson (BOU), Benalouane (LEI), Bednarek (SOU), Kelly (CPA) - £3.9m; here we have the "bargain-basement", the cheapest players in the game. Of course, most/all of them aren't "bargains", because they're truly dreadful options. Schelotto didn't even make Brighton's 25-man squad. Suttner is their 3rd choice left-back. Benalouane makes Wes Morgan look good. I wouldn't be surprised surprised if Connolly doesn't play a single minute this season. Avoid these 4 dudes. Kelly is a pretty bad player, and noticeably worsens Palace's defence when he plays, but while Dann is injured he appears to be Palace's 3rd choice centre-back, and has already started 2 games when Tomkins was injured. Southampton's defensive hierarchy is tough to pin down, but Bednarek could be as high as 3rd-choice centre-back, though more likely 4th/5th. Simpson is Bournemouth's 4th choice centre-back, so unlikely to see minutes, but not impossible. Peltier is injured for a while, and not a frequent starter, but could drop to £3.8m before he returns from injury, which would make him the enabliest of all enablers. Richards is back-up to Ecuele-Manga, however, an injury to any of Bamba/Morrison/Manga would probably see Richards start (until Peltier returns), with Manga moving to the middle if needed, so it's worth keeping an eye on him for that if nothing else (and he plays for Cardiff, who are awful, so there is nothing else...)
Stankovic (HUD), Sterry (NEW), Hause (WOL), Browning (EVE) - £4.0m; all of these are simply very unlikely to ever play (although Stankovic did manage a goal at City in his only appearance...), and there's no reason to have one of these over the 3.9m crew - avoid.
Bennett (WOL) - £4.1m; a fantastic option; the biggest reason not to have him is because other Wolves defenders are simply better, with higher points totals and greater attacking potential, but he's still a bargain at his price. Wolves have conceded 2 goals in their last 5 games, having played both Manchester clubs in that time, and Bennett's started every game. The only other worry for him is that Dendoncker may eventually takes his place - if that will happen, and when, we don't know, but it's something to watch out for. Also worth noting that he's close to rising to £4.2m
Bernardo (BRI) - £4.2m; hasn't started since the first game, however, he played a fair few minutes for RB Leipzig over the last couple of seasons, so he isn't a bad player, and could steal Bong's spot later in the season - if he does, a starting Brighton defender at £4.2m would be a total bargain.
Femenia (WAT, £4.2m) & Navarro (WAT, £4.3m); given Janmaat's injury (4-6 weeks), one of these two will play at right-back, and Navarro was given the nod last time out. Watford haven't kept many clean sheets, but their defence is reasonably solid and they have some decent fixtures coming up, so a cheap starting defender could provide good value.
Saiss (WOL), Vinagre (WOL), Long (BUR), Bardsley (BUR), Fuchs (LEI), Simpson (LEI), Mariappa (WAT), Zeegelar (WAT), Masina (WAT), Kaboul (WAT), Prodl (WAT), Moreno (LEI), Ogbonna (WHU), Oxford (WHU), Mings (BOU), Walker-Peters (TOT), Souare (CPA), Ward (CPA), Jagielka (EVE), Targett (SOU), Balogun (BRI) - £4.3m; all of these are back-ups and unlikely to feature much, unless injuries necessitate it. There are a couple of stand-outs here, nonetheless; if Robertson was injured for a while (hopefully not), Moreno would be an insane bargain, even though his presence would weaken Liverpool's defence. Similarly, an injury to Jonny or Doherty would probably make Vinagre a starter as a left wing-back, so he's worth keeping tabs on too.
Cunningham (CAR), Daniels (BOU), Christie (FUL), Le Marchand (FUL), Ream (FUL), Kenny (EVE) - £4.3m; not great options, but likely to see more minutes than the players above. Cunningham appears to have stolen Cardiff's left-back spot from Bennett; Daniels may rotate with Rico (though is probably 2nd choice); Kenny is covering for the injured Coleman; Christie plays occasionally and Le Marchand started the season before losing his spot; but the most significant name here is Ream, who's just coming back from injury, and likely to start to start at centre-back for Fulham, and may make them a bit more solid ahead of their good fixtures GW9-11
Diop (WHU), Zabaleta (WHU) - £4.3m, Balbuena (WHU), Rice (WHU) - £4.4m; West Ham embark on a pretty great run of fixtures from GW11 (Man City aside), and both of these players look to be first-choice. Zabaleta could rotate with Fredericks, so I'd be wary, but Diop appears to be nailed. Slightly more expensive, Balbuena looks likely to get more bonus points, and also appears to be nailed. Rice is starting at the moment, but his place is less secure. One really promising thing is that West Ham have only conceded 3 goals in their last 4 games, despite playing Chelsea, Man United, Everton and Wolves, so they look pretty solid; West Ham defenders could represent great value after the next couple of weeks
Aaron Wan-Bissaka (CPA) - £4.3m; I don't really need to mention him, but I want to, because he is wonderful - probably the best £4.0m option (at the season's start) that I can remember - a total BPS magnet and total bargain. However, his fixtures get horrible very soon. Is it worth selling him and losing the value you've gained? Probably not, because you'll probably want him back after, but you probably won't want to be starting him too much between GW9-13 either...
Bruno (BRI), Manquillo (NEW), Chambers (FUL), Francis (BOU), Smith (HUD), Stephens (SOU), Britos (WAT), Riedewald (CPA) - £4.4m; all 2nd choice/rotation options at best, and there are better options at this price - avoid.
Lejeune (NEW), Reid (WHU), Dann (CPA) - £4.4m; all out injured with long-term knee injuries - when they return, they'll take a while to reach full fitness, but could eventually regain a starting place, depending on their team-mates' form
Schindler (HUD), Lowe (HUD), Kongolo (HUD) - £4.4m; all likely to start, but again, they play for Huddersfield - avoid
Holding (ARS) - £4.4m; is 3rd choice at present (will be 4th when Koscielny returns), but deputised for Sokratis last weekend and was rewarded with 3 bonus points - if Sokratis/Mustafi were injured for a few GWs, he could be a cheap way into Arsenal's defence - whether an Arsenal defensive asset is someone you can rely on for clean sheets remains dubious, but they have earned two in a row, despite being quite lucky to do so...
Dunk (BRI) - £4.4m; has been close to dropping to £4.3m for a week or so; Duffy is very slightly more expensive and has demonstrated far more attacking threat so far, and Dunk has a history of scoring own goals (4 last season), so when you combined this with Brighton's failure to keep a clean sheet this season, he's definitely a risky pick; however, they have excellent fixtures, and were very defensively solid at home last season, so if you're feeling brave, he could start returning very soon
Tomkins (CPA) - £4.4m; a good player, who solidifies Palace's defence when he plays; however, he is clearly worse value than Wan-Bissaka, and Palace don't really have good enough fixtures at any point in the season to make doubling up particularly appealing
Cedric (SOU), Hoedt (SOU) - £4.4m; Southampton's defence isn't great, and they don't have great fixtures - Cedric's scores so far this season look like a line of binary, interrupted by a random 12-pointer - in my opinion, there are better options at their price
Fernandez (NEW) - £4.4m; Newcastle have great fixtures GW9-18, and have kept 2 clean sheets in 3 games against non-"Top 6" opposition - Fernandez is a risk as he is fighting with Clark and Schaar for a starting place, so Yedlin (£4.5m) is probably a better option if you can afford him, but if Fernandez nails down the spot next to Lascelles he could provide the cheapest route into a pretty solid defence
Taylor (BUR) - £4.4m; he's got Huddersfield next, and Burnley have looked a bit more solid recently, so could be a good short term punt if you're Wildcarding in GW9, but his fixtures from GW9 are pretty grim so I'd just keep an eye on him for now
Jonny (WOL) - £4.4m; I've saved the best till last. Wolves look very defensively solid, while their wingbacks are very attacking. Doherty has left the "bargain-basement", sadly, and looks set to rise again (still more than worth his price), but Jonny is the definition of a bargain; good assist potential, good clean sheet potential, some goal potential too - he's looking like an excellent option
If you've managed to read all of that, I apologise for the ridiculous length, but there was a lot to look at, and I hope it's proved somewhat helpful, and maybe given you someone to consider who hadn't sneaked onto your radar before!
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